ICRES 2018

List of topics

We invite full papers, posters and extended abstracts on the topics below (not an exhaustive list):
  1. Autonomy and liability
  2. Ethical principles in robotics
  3. Defining ethical guidelines for the design, use and operation of robots
  4. Enhancement technologies: ethical issues
  5. Privacy and the management of personal data
  6. Ethical frameworks: universal or region specific?
  7. The role of industry and society in the definition of safety standards
  8. Use of AI technology to block unethical/mendacious social-media communication
  9. Accountability in autonomous systems
  10. Embedding values and norms into intelligent systems
  11. Ethics and standardization
  12. Raising ethical awareness among stakeholders
  13. Transparency in autonomous systems
  14. Political and legal frameworks
  15. Formal and mathematical frameworks for robot ethics
  16. Implementations and engineering studies
  17. User and human computer interface studies at the intersection of the above issues

Accepted submissions will be presented as posters or talks at ICRES 2018. A selection of the best submissions will be published in a book, as has been the case with the 2015 and 2017 versions of the conference.

Authors will submit their papers in PDF using the templates posted on the submission website. Full papers can be up to 8 pages in length (including references). All submissions will under undergo a single-blind peer review process.